Stage 2: Concept design

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We have found that the initial stages of design can be the most influential to the success of the project. For example, the buildability of high rise buildings depends upon good rationalisation of the façade to enable the most efficient fabrication, installation and well managed interfaces. This needs to be carried out early in the design process as this can often influence the architectural solution.

IFE Design Development sketch01

During the concept design stage, it would be our intention to carry out a review of the key drivers for the façades and any key issues that need to be accommodated. We would also identify options for any alternative approaches to the design which may have economical performance or buildability benefits.

Carrying this verification out in the earlier stages particularly delivers the best value and adds strength to the design solutions. During this crucial stage, where the basis of the architectural intent is forged, we can proactively impart our knowledge of manufacturing and processing capabilities and limitations to ensure the architectural concept is not compromised by unforeseen hurdles at a later stage.