1 New Street Square, our new project

Dec 27, 2013

Fantastic! We have been selected as facade engineers on the 14-storey City of London office building 1 New Street Square designed by Robin Partington and Partners. Initially working for Land Securities, we are now engaged by Skanska as part of the design team, taking the project through to construction. Works have started on site with cladding installation due in 2015 and completion due in 2016.

There are a couple of challenges we are looking forward to solving. These include the curved glass ‘noses’, especially the west upper floor which extends up some 14m high (no, not in one piece!), with all the floors in this area hung from the top down to the entrance some 13 floors below this will need serious consideration for building movements. The external aluminium fin connection at the concealed external stack joint is also going to be a key area for design development, requiring detailed (probably 3D) structural and thermal analysis to confirm performance.

We will keep you posted when the cladding contractor is appointed for the unitised curtain walling.

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