Another quality year at Interface

May 17, 2023

Interface passed its ISO 9001 and 14001 surveillance audits this month, underscoring our commitment to maintaining exceptional quality standards and embracing sustainability across our operations.

In renewing our certification, we were pleased to hear comments about our well-established system that is at the core of what Interface does, and not just a ‘manual on the shelf’.

ISO 9001 certification demonstrates our focus on delivering consistent and reliable services. This internationally recognized standard sets strict criteria for quality management systems, emphasising the implementation of effective processes and ongoing improvement.

At Interface we audit our systems monthly to ensure their effectiveness and robustness, and make changes when necessary. We value all feedback, maintaining a feedback log that serves as an action list to look to continually improve our services.

We carefully monitor our exposure to possible risks and seek to mitigate them. Our ‘aspects and impacts register’ allows us to rate each risk, prioritise what is necessary and take appropriate action.

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems. Since obtaining this certification in 2018, we’ve made progress in minimizing the adverse environmental impacts of our operations.

Alongside our
embodied carbon lab work
, in 2023 we plan to implement a measure for our business travel – our biggest environmental impact as a company – and reduce our carbon footprint by seeking alternatives to air travel.

With ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications in place, Interface is well-positioned to continue delivering outstanding façade engineering services and contribute to a more sustainable future for the construction industry.