BIM – Interface drives facade product data templates forward

Sep 19, 2016

Interface have instigated the development of Product Data Templates (pdt’s) for facades, putting the ‘I’ in BIM for the facade industry.

The modelling for BIM is simplified and so has lacked the detailed information that is required. Product Data Templates allow information to be added to the model in a consistent and comprehensive way. Early stage information can be added to the template as soon as it is available, with more comprehensive information added when available.

We identified that making BIM able to capture this data from the early design stage through to the project completion and beyond is a fundamental way of driving real value for designers, manufacturers and end users.

Interface proposed this to the technical committee at the Society of Facade Engineers. This has now been discussed with the CWCT and looks like it is going to be taken forward. If you would like to assist, please do contact us at