White City, Cassini Tower

A 35-story tower, mixed-use development

Cassini Tower rises 112 metres from a former brownfield site that is being transformed into a residential neighbourhood in White City, London. The development consists of two main volumes – a 35-storey, high-rise tower with its unique undulating form and curved façade, joined to a rectangular residential block.

The tower’s building envelope is a stick glazing system, incorporating aluminium components and GRC panels with various finishes. Each floor features alternating precast concrete and laser-cut bronze wraparound balconies. Their distinctive projecting curves create the illusion that the floors are exposed.
Faceted glazing wraps the entire perimeter of Cassini Tower, providing tenants with an uninterrupted view of the London skyline.

The façade of the residential block also combines GRC panels and aluminium finishes, complemented by bolt-on steel balconies on every floor.

Interface supported the cladding contractor during the contractor design and construction stage of the project. Our role also included on-site visits during the façade installation phase.

Cassini Tower achieved practical completion in November 2023.

Developer: St James Ltd | Architect: CJCT Architects London | Cladding Contractor: Stanmore Contractors Ltd | GRC Manufacturer: GB Architectural